City Slickers (1991)

Mid-life crisis’ have never been so fun. I can’t wait for mine, but instead of going to a ranch im going to Cancun and swim forever in the lake and maybe nobody will find me.

Three male friends, facing their 40th birthdays and experiencing midlife crises, decide they need time away from their “soft” city lives. They decide to vacation at a dude ranch, where they will be responsible for a two-week-long cattle drive through the Colorado hills.

This film is not the funniest thing you’ll ever see, but it does have a lot of heart that blends in with the comedy real well. The themes of age, love, and most of all friendships are all discussed and in a very tender but humorous way.

The trio of Crystal, Kirby, and Stern all do a good job of capturing the personalities of late 30 year olds who are trapped in their own worlds and dislike much in their life and do not want to fade away. But Jack Palance who plays the creepy and elderly cowboy Curly steals the show with his distinct toughness towards everyone on the trip and also gives some valuable life lessons that Crystal takes very dear to himself. Also director Ron Underwood keeps the movie at a steady pace so it dosent become too boring.

There wasn’t as much as comedy as I was expecting but the story is a great tale and has some important outlooks on life that all should follow.


One comment

  1. good movie from billy crystal besides analyze this, running scared, america’s sweethearts, forget paris, princess bride, and when harry met sally.

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