Miss March (2009)

Wow is all I can say to this film is Wow!! I’m not talking about like a Wow cool, I’m talking about a Wow what in the blue hell Wow!

MISS MARCH tells the story of a young man (Zach Cregger, The Whitest Kids U’ Know)who awakens from a four-year coma to hear that his once virginal high-school sweetheart (Raquel Alessi) has since become a naked centerfold in Playboy Magazine. He and his sex-crazed best friend (Trevor Moore, The Whitest Kids U’ Know)decide to take a cross- country road trip in order to crash a party at the magazine?s legendary headquarters and win back the girl.

This is arguably the worst that I have almost ever seen. And that my friends is not an understatement. Not of all time but one of the worst.

The premise is actually a pretty good one the problem is however, that the script is god-awful. I mean really I could make a better script, homeless people sleeping in JC Penny refrigerator boxes that could make better scripts than this. The one dumb thing about this movie is that it seems more centered to adults but it has so many urine and poop jokes that only 10-14 year old would laugh at.

Trevor Moore tries to be like Jim Carrey the whole film. He tries by acting like the zany character, dressing in Hawaiian Ace Ventura like shirts, and of course with his wild and crazy face expressions. The only one I can say that was great in this film is Hugh hefner himself. You know your film is down the drain when a 80-year old pervert is your best star in the film.

The things that occur during the span of this film are pretty dumb too. Such as angry firefighters, Russian lesbians, and their hotel room burns down to the ground with a pipe. Yeah sounds so interesting. If your pissed about what I just told you, don’t worry I was doing it for your own safety. I don’t you guys to go through the same punishment I did.

Cregger and Moore…are a pair of genuine triple-threats: They can’t write,they can’t direct, and they’re not funny. Stay away from this film, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

1/10=STAY AWAY!!!!!

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