Point Break (1991)

Keanu Reeves tries to step away from a bro called Ted, to acting more serious playing a cop named Johnny Utah. Let the laughter begin.

Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves), is a rookie FBI agent and former Ohio State quarterback who, with his partner Angelo Pappas (Gary Busey), is investigating a string of bank robberies. Suspecting a connection between the bank robbers?known as the Ex-Presidents because they use masks of former US presidents?and local surfers, Utah goes undercover to infiltrate the surfing community.

The film sounds like a self-parody in itself(bank robbers who are actually surfers}, but it is anything but. It is a very exciting thriller, that features great scenes of action filled with a feel of mystery to it all.

The action scenes are surely the high point of this film. There are action scenes such as ones that are in the air, or there is one that is a chasescene through the slums of LA. Both are filmed with each amount of excitement and never get confusing of who is where.

The film does something very extradionary with having many categories put into one. It can be described as an action film, heist move, or simply a thriller. This is also groundbreaking because it is one of the first “extreme sports” movies.

The only problem I did have with this film is that although, I will agree he is the man, at some points it seems that Keanu Reeves just acts like hes reading lines that came from a script and not really fully thinking about them and acting them out. Though Swayze, as usual, gives another great iconic performance.

Though this movie takes a lot of crticism for being dumb I think it is still a great thrill ride to watch and it is a very awesome story to be a part of. At points its so mindless that it’s great to watch.

The ending is great and if you fully understand it you will be thinking the same thing.

9/10=Full Price!!!

One comment

  1. best movie from swayze and reeves. second best from kathryn bigelow besides blue steel. best summer movie of all time. i guarantee you all watch this movie.

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