Swingers (1996)

I always wondered how Vince Vaughn got all his parts. But then when I saw this I finally found out all the answers.

SWINGERS follows insecure Mike and smooth-talking Trent, two retro-hip showbiz wanna-be’s, as they make the scene at various clubs in Hollywood and Vegas. During their martini-fueled odyssey, the duo and their buddies explore an altogether new vernacular while struggling with images of machismo, self-esteem, relationships, and, of course, sex.

This is one of those movies that only guys will understand and can relate to. Most of the discussions are made just for the guys and most of course will only understand.

This film is a comedy about how some guys use their charms to pick up girls in midnights clubs and bars. But this film does have some heart, in times when you wouldn’t expect it. Mike has just gotten out of a 6 year relationship and it is discussed very well and you see how true love is shown through the eyes of this character.

Jon Faverau and Vince Vaughn do great jobs in this film playing almost 2 completely opposite guys who somehow connect over the discussions of girls. Faverau does great at playing the awkward and still heartbroken Mike but the one who stands out the most is Vaughn’s character Trent. Vaughn creates this cocky but very smooth with women kinda guy who is really likable and you feel as if you can really connect with him.

The film at points is very funny but most of all very true. It is more about the relationships than it is about just picking up women.Not great but a classic to say the least.

This film is a move for the guys by the guys.


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