Tigerland (2000)

Colin Farrel debuts as Joel Schumacher steps away from those horrific Batman films.

Set in 1971, Roland Bozz (Colin Farrell), a drafted soldier who is opposed to the war, is shown to be an unruly soldier who has no respect for authority: disobeying orders, talking back to his superiors, and having a foul mouth. He quickly befriends another soldier known as Paxton (Matthew Davis). As they enter Tigerland–a training process in which the soldiers simulate combat in the Louisiana wilderness–the men begin to realize just how far they will go to stay out of the war.

Tigerland is a great film for when it comes to sticking it to the man. Farrell uses every line to the sergeants and always seems to get the upper hand when it comes to insults. Despite the films gritty nature and realistic look, there was humor involved and it was used in a very good way.

Colin Farrell does amazing in his debut performance as the Southern-based Bozz, he’s funny, tough, and 100% true to himself. The anti-hero act causes him to become everybodys favorite person to cheer for, not just in the movie but also the viewer themselves. Matthew Davis also does a very good job at capturing the nervousness of Paxton. I believe that Farrell and Davis have a great chemistry and you fell that their friendship is real.

The feel and look of the film fits in perfectly with the actions of the characters. You can tell this is a very miserable place to be at and you do not want to go here. Outside of the camp, in the real world, color comes in very effectively and it gives a mood change from gloomy to entertaining.

The only problem I had with the film was the time, I thought it was too short for the ending to be more effective than it was. Mostly, in all, the end is still very good and gets you to feel the attitude of Bozz and his self-image. The independent look makes it a more effective war movie than a big-budget film like Jarhead. Though its not a classic of the war genre it is still a great watch.

9.5/10=Full Price!!!

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