Bruno (2009)

Can it be as good as Borat or can it not?

After BORAT took over America in 2006, another Sacha Baron Cohen creation arrives on the big screen. In BRUNO, the gay Austrian model of the title brings his antics to the States.A very similar premise to Borat but instead hes gay. O the laughter!

Let me just say that this is a hilarious movie. Judging it for the movie that it is: I really don’t care if its real or if its fake I just want to know if it is funny.This film has many moments that are genuinely funny. The moments I will not name since I do not want to give the film away but trust me your gut will burst with laughter.

This is probably one of the filthiest movies I have ever seen. And I mean filthy in a good way. This film will definably test your boundaries of nudity, sex, and just homosexuality. I think in order for this film to be better than its predecessor Borat, it was looking to be more raunchy in which they succeeded in.

The acting from Baron Cohen is still great as usual. He is surely one of those great comedic geniuses that will always stay in character even with a gun up to his head. Though the one problem with this character that I didn’t have with Borat, was that Borat you felt sympathy for him cause their was this small little kindness to him that you could relate to. However, we do not see that with Bruno he comes off as a sort of snobby jerk that I didn’t care how he felt.

The last problem from this film was that it didn’t have much cultural insight as Borat did. This film was sort of used in a way to test people’s homophobia instead of speak against it. There are many things they would’ve done with this character that would’ve pushed the boundaries to beyond shocking. They could’ve shown Bruno with an anti-gay group or a group of Nazi’s or something that would’ve seemed more shocking than just scenes of intense homophobic situations.Too much ofension not enough insight was the problem.

This film though a follow-up to Borat is not bad. I feel like this will be Baron Cohen’s last shockumentary for awhile till he can find another character that not many people will notice. Hilariously gut-busting movie that is filled with a lot of sex and gay jokes and if you can’t handle seeing a penis in its own real form then this is not the movie for you.


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