Appaloosa (2008)

Two cowboys fighting for the pride and Rene Zelweggars love. OK sure!!!

When two gunmen, Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, arrive in Appaloosa they find a small, dusty and lawless town suffering at the hands of renegade rancher Randall Bragg. Bragg has not only taken supplies, horses, and women for his own, but also has left the city marshal and a deputy for dead. It is now up to Cole and Hitch to stand against the actions of the renegade rancher, which have already taken their toll on the town.

Ed Harris directs this western after 8 years of his last job in Pollock, in which he also starred in.That one about an artist, this one about cowboys.

This film does not add to the western genre like I thought it would. The pace at times is incredibly slow and I felt myself yawning at times, and I don’t normally do that. The editing job was sometimes very missed mashed around and I wish they had some sense of a pace for the story and at least put in more shooting scenes to make the film more interesting. Also the lineup of stars are very talented but I didn’t like how some of them were used. Renee Zelweggar’s character is not very an appealing in the sights and in the mind she’s pretty snobby and also not very smart, but then I forget were in the western times.  Jeremy Irons who plays the main villain in this film could’ve been more effective if used more. Irons is a great actor and can prove to be a good guy or a bad guy very easily and he doesn’t get that chance at all. Though the time he had on the screen he too advantage of and did pretty good.

Though despite these bad things the film does have some good elements to it as well. The setting looks exactly like the western times, During the whole movie I actually felt like I was in the west with them. The dialogue is very clever with its undramatic use of humor mixed with a little bit of drama but doesn’t go over the dramatic meter.

Most of the praise comes from the underling chemistry that is between Harris and Mortensen. Harris is aging but still has the ability to apprehend the law when needed to, and Mortensen is also great as the right-hand man who is very soft-spoken but when needed to, he gets the job done. Also a noteworthy performance from Jeremy Irons when he is on.

This film for people who don’t like Westerns may not really find this the most appealing but it still does have good features though it doesn’t add on.


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