Bad Company (2002)

The two weirdest pairing of two actors I have ever seen.

Gaylord Oakes, a veteran CIA agent must transform sarcastic, street-wise punk Jake Hayes into a sophisticated and savvy spy to replace his murdered identical twin brother. He only has nine days to accomplish this “mission: improbable” before having to negotiate a sensitive nuclear weapons deal.

The concept for Bad Company is an original one if it was made before movies like Lethal Weapon, 48 Hours, and other films that feature two racially-separated people who at first hate each other but soon through fate end up becoming very fond of one another. But never has that concept been so destroyed like this film.

The writing is just so pitiful and half of the time I thought that some of this material was supposed to be funny, but it wasn’t it was serious and it made me laugh even longer. The action sequences, if you want to call it that, are just basically two groups of people shooting at each other eventually hitting or missing, but mostly ends up having the cops kill more. The most obvious and biggest cliche that is done in every terrorist thriller film is the red radar count-down numbers. This is such an overused idea that I think they should just retire this and put in a oh I don’t know a green radar count-down.

The biggest most obvious problem with this film is that Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins are way too good for this kind of material. I mean for crying out loud, freaking Hopkins was playing Hannibal Lector and one an Oscar!!! Rock is trying his hardest to be hilarious in a yawn movie, and Hopkins I just don’t think is even trying at all. Half of the scenes that Hopkins has, i you just look at his face you can just see the disgust that he has pouring out his performance for this movie.

This movie is backed up by barely anything I will only give this a non horrible rating is cause this film does try hard, a little too hard, and this film shows Rock and Hopkins totally having a ball considering I wasn’t while watching this. And the funniest thing about this movie is probably that Hopkins actually did sign on to this piece of crap!!

2.5/10=Some Ole Bullshittt!!!

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