Black Hawk Down (2002)

The Saving Private Ryan of the African war genre.

On October 3, 1993, Army Rangers and members of the elite Delta Force participated in a covert operation in Mogadishu, Somalia that went horribly wrong. Sent to abduct two lieutenants of a vicious Somali warlord, the soldiers found themselves surrounded by hostile militia. Two Black Hawk helicopters were shot down and many men lost their lives.

Scott’s obsession for detail is shown throughout the whole movie as he doesn’t leave out a single detail when showing this African and these soldiers roaming through it. About 19 soldiers died that day and Scott almost shows each one in his death.

The war scenes are some of the most realistic and riveting war scenes ever filmed. Scott does a great job at not getting us confused of the action and graphing out every scene with a fast but easy to follow pace so we don’t get confused.The visuals is what makes this movie look as if its real life. The difference between this film and Saving Private Ryan is that is Saving Private Ryan is depicts war at its lowest and most gruesome. Though it never depicts warfare in its modernity, as this film does with all its other urban complexities, that this film succeeds in depicting.

The huge problem with this film was the lack of character development and this is its main fault with the film. The thing with other war films is that the soldiers are explained in all their characteristics and we can connect to them easier. However, in this film none of the characters are really shown in detail other than we just know their names. This film was more about the situation these soldiers were in but it would have been nice if we knew who these soldiers actually were.

The acting is mediocre at its highest. I say this because there aren’t a lot of scenes for the actors to show off their skills and more of the movie was centered towards the actual battle itself. With more character development this ensemble cast could’ve shown their acting chops and made this film more effective.

The war scenes are very realistic and riveting and are shown at such a pace so you don’t get confused. The lack of character development is what in all killed this movie in the end but was saved by the war scenes themselves.


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