Evolution (2001)

Aliens are attacking the world once again, but this time its a comedy.

Chaos ensues when a meteor carrying alien life forms crashes in the Arizona desert. This new strain of organism evolves at a rate beyond human imagination and soon the only people standing between the aliens and world domination are Dr. Ira Krane, a community college science professor, his eccentric geologist buddy Harry Block, and wannabe fireman Wayne — which could be bad news for planet earth!

This is one of the most blatant comedy ripoffs in the history of films. Its basically Ghostbusters without the same cast. But I guess director Ivan Reitman would have to sue himself since he made both.

So lets just say this if you want to watch this movie go and get Ghostbusters. Almost every scene is an intentional rip-off of scenes from Ghostbuster and it really just started to annoy me. I was watching a remake but with guns and no script.

The script for this is very dry, I will admit that the film does have some funny moments and lines but most of them are very unsuccessful. The special effects of these creatures are ok, considering their probably some of the most disgusting things I have seen.

The cast was OK in this film. Duchovny seems like he just woke up as usual but most of the laughs come from the energetic Orlando Jones. Duchovny and Jones have a great chemistry that sadly is watered down from the lack of a clever script. I also did like how they had Dan Akroyd as the governor as  a sort of tribute to Ghostbusters.

I was expecting more from this film and a lot of more laughs and I think if they just stepped away from the Ghostbusters shadow and got a better script than this film would’ve been gold.

4/10=Some Ole Bullshit!!!!!!

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