Jumper (2008)

Able to jump wherever you want . Where would you go?

Davey Rice (Hayden Christensen) is looking for a way to escape his abusive father — and finds it when he discovers he can teleport himself at will. But Davey’s newfound powers soon become a double-edged sword that exacts a terrible price and attracts unwanted attention from the National Security Agency.

I really wanted to like this film cause there are actually some pretty cool elements. Though the disappointments and the inexplicable story turns until I just surrendered and admitted that this was a good-looking clunker.

This movie was only about 1 hour and 26 minutes, which is such a short time limit for a big-budget movie like this. More time could’ve been added to explain more of the plot or time to work on a tighter more cohesive script. This is surely one of those movies that even if it is only about 88 minutes it still feels like 2 years due to its incoherence.

There are a lot of problems with this film. First of all David returns after 8 years to the girl he liked in high-school (Rachel Bilson), and he just shows up and says “let’s go to Rome”, and the thing is she agrees despite not seeing him in 8 years. Secondly, we hear of a war going on between the jumpers and the NSA, we never know why and also we never know if this is a global war or a just a fight between a couple of other jumpers. Lastly, the jumping in the film starts to become way too tiring, and it wouldn’t have bothered me if the special effects were good but they aren’t they’re just lackluster to the point.

When have you ever seen a movie where Samuel L. Jackson isn’t the man in? I know they aren’t any he always the man except for this movie. They make Samuel L. such a bad guy and no cause whatsoever, but they don’t give him any memorable, catchy lines just him saying “we don’t like jumpers”. The one thing I will credit about this film is Jamie King as the other jumper who does actually a pretty good job in this film despite the script that he reads from is probably a rock.

The movie features some OK action sequences but the characters aren’t interesting, the effects aren’t spellbinding like they should’ve, and the script is god-awful. The movie would’ve been good if it didn’t feel like it was just pieced together in a total of 20 minutes.

4/10=Some Ole Bullshit!!!

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