The Matador (2005)

The ultimate cocktail date.

When a traveling salesman, Danny Wright, accidentally meets up with Julian Noble, a hit man, at a Mexico City bar, their subsequent evening together intertwines their lives in an unexpected, but lasting bond.

The film has a pretty simple premise and could have easily turned into a screwball comedy or a run-of-the-mill action flick, but it didn?t do either. It’s interesting reading the reviews for this movie because they run at either end of the spectrum. Everyone seems to love it or hate it. I have to admit I just liked it. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it.

I enjoyed the colorful cinematography and thought it brought up a lighter tone to some more of the serious and dark moments. There is also a twist at the end of the story but soon then after that we find a twist to that twist and it all comes together in the end, and that is something to see in this film.

Most of the praising has to go the performances to its two leads, mostly Pierce Brosnon. Brosnon gives a very strong performance, and is the ultimate strong point of the film. I read someone say this could be his best roll ever. I thought about this for a little while and thinking about all the movies he had been in and that just might be a very accurate statement. He buries the Bond character with this film playing the same guy but more of a human-like one. This person has regrets for his actions, and he does have feelings about what he does. This career-saving role from Brosnon totally buries his character as James Bond. Also Greg Kinnear does a great job as the square salesman who is resents Brosnon’s character but also envy’s him and the way he is about things in life.

Though I do believe this does have problems in places. The film’s whole story and moral comes into play by the end of the film and is not as engaging as it could’ve been in throughout the whole story. Some viewers may find this too dragged on and boring. Also without the great deliverance from the actors I think the script would’ve been the ultimate downfall of the film. The film’s script isn’t very witty and does not have great hilarious moments but the actors make it seem like that and it’s hilarious.

The film doesn’t have a great screenplay but Brosnon makes this film great with his incredible performance that makes me think twice of him now.


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