Basic (2003)

Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta reunite once again, but this time on the battlefield, and their names aren’t Jules and Vincent.

DEA agents John Travolta and Connie Nielsen investigate a series of military base murders (including the disappearance of a legendary Army Ranger drill sergeant) during a storm in Panama. Samuel L. Jackson steals most of his scenes as a cape-wearing contrarian named West.

The film’s title is called Basic but that does not fit well with this movie cause the basic fact that if we don’t understand the movie better chances we won’t like it. This film has so many twists in a film that I have ever seen. Basic toys with your mind and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

The film definably deserves a second maybe even third watch so you can fully understand. The movie really did have me on the edge of my seat until midway where the twists become confusing. We get no understanding of where we are at points and why what’s happening is happening.The film jerks you around by showing you something and then the next scene will say that’s not right either, it starts to get so much out of control that it soon became a gimmick.

The worst thing about this film is the end. I will not give it away but after you watch this whole film and then see the ending you will probably say, WHAT THE HELL!!!

The performances from Jackson and Travolta are very good and actually are the strong point of this film and make it watchable. Travolta starts out as being funny but then soon starts to turn into mysterious and it’s good to see that all plan out. Samuel L. Jackson is also good as usual and brings a lot of comedy to this film that needed it so much.

Consensus: Basic toys and toys with you until you become too confused, but funny performances by the cast and some good twists, if you can keep up, actually makes this film fun to watch.


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