G-Force (2009)

Not many guinea pigs I know can pull this kind of stuff off. Actually none at all.

When a billionaire sets out to take over the world through a diabolical scheme involving household appliances, the U.S. government sends in the only special forces unit capable of handling the job — a squad of highly trained guinea pigs.

This film I saw with my little brother and his friend because you know it’s all just a great kids movie. With producer Jerry Bruckheimer, being released by Disney and in 3-D I may add, what could possibly go wrong. Well a lot of things can go wrong!!!

The movie is not funny at all, I barely felt myself laugh and when I did I wanted to punch myself in the face because I just actually laughed at G-Force. Aside from that the story is uninspired, the visual effects are good, yes, but not great, the action is fairly lazy, and it just plain isn’t funny. A chuckle here and there and that’s about it. And I’m not alone here, the packed theater I saw it in (full mostly of children) remained fairly quiet throughout. Many of the jokes were too pop culture referential that only the parents will understand and their still not funny.

So much talent was wasted on this horrid film. Great talent such as Sam Rockwell, Penelope Cruz, Jon Faverau, and (blasphemy) Zach Galifianakis. Yes the same bearded man from The Hangover, he is in this piece of crap and is not funny at all. When one of the funniest men in Hollywood is not funny at all and just stands there you know you have a piece of crap. Nicolas Cage is even in this if you can at all spot him. Yes the Nicolas Cage, the same freaking guy who won an Oscar back in 1996, is now voicing a freaking mole.

If there is any positive things to say about this film at all is that the film is an appropriate film to take your family out too because is not very over violent and does have a hilarious voice over from Tracy Morgan. Many of the kids will find this cute due to the way they look but other than that they won’t be too pleased.

This movie is crap, and barely a good family movie.

2/10=Some Ole Bullshittt!!!

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