I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007)

Yes this movie is about a gay couple, in case you couldn’t all ready tell by the title.

Firefighters Chuck Ford (Adam Sandler) and Larry Allensworth (Kevin James) are guy’s guys, loyal to the core — which is why when widower Larry asks Chuck to pose as his gay lover so that he can get domestic partner benefits for his kids, his buddy agrees.

This is one of the most offensive stereotypical films I have seen ever. I thought I was bad sometimes but this movie has definably got me beat. The plot is so dumb, because since Larry is a firefighter he could die at any moment and he believes that his kids would become orphans, yeah ok. So in order for us to have a movie they need to be gay.

The film really does play both sides, no pun intended. Throughout the whole film there are so many ignorant and offensive remarks to gay people and at the end of the movie it tells us we should respect them and be nice to them. Holy contradiction Batman! The f word, no not that one the gay one, is used so excessively and for some reason they want us to stop using that word.

This whole movie is just filled with all the stereotypes. Ving Rhames’ character who gave the film lifeless laughs is scary to everyone else cause he’s a big black guy, and so he ends up being gay in the end too. There’s a gay party they go to and almost every guy there is dressing as a woman and fondling each other which is totally what they do right? Also Rob Schneider, of course, plays a huge stereotypical Chinese person and does a really bad job at it too.

The premise is actually OK but it just seems so tired. There are barely any inventive jokes. There are jokes that are just about being gay, and having gay sex. Which is actually a line from the movie. The writer of this film wrote Sideways which was very witty and this film is nothing like it at all.

Sandler and James should ashamed of themselves for appearing in a movie like this. I do like Sandler and I have always supported him with every movie he’s done, and I almost consider myself a die-hard Sandler fan but even fans of him such as myself won’t even find a chuckle from this. Jessica Biel as sexy as she is can’t win this movie over with her body and she plays a really dumb advisor of the couple.

Consensus: Bad, Bad, Bad!!! This film is not funny, very offensive, and down right dumb. Don’t see this because I can promise you, you will not come out happy!


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