Just One Of The Guys (1985)

I don’t see many dudes that look like this.

When high school student Terry’s (Joyce Hyser) essay about a woman posing as a male jock is scoffed at during a contest, she decides to prove the feasibility of her idea by dressing up as one of her male peers. After getting a new haircut and lowering her voice, Terry successfully fools everyone — but then realizes that telling the object of her affection, Rick (Clayton Rohner), how she feels will be all but impossible with her new persona.

The film is the predecessor to many movies of cross-genderless such as She’s The Man and Just One Of The Girls. It is one of those really cheesy 80’s high school flicks but with a different taste. And I don’t know what that taste is.

The premise is really dumb and I didn’t understand why a girl would go to extreme lengths such as changing genders just for a job as a reporter. The premise was just made just to provide a lot of laughs about he she isn’t really a dude and is playing one.

This film does have its moments and the jokes aren’t too corny. Terry’s little bro provides a lot of laughs due to his personality of a very horny kid who thinks he can get anything. Also many of the other students in school are actually pretty zany but funny as well.

Though Hyser gives a good performance, considering she was 28 at the time playing a High School student, she’s not all too believable as a guy. It’s not she doesn’t sound or act like one, it’s that she looks too fragile and way too pretty. The film shows that appearances don’t make a difference, but however in this case it’s a little out of hand of how she looks like a chick.

I will say one thing that the film didn’t get too close to offending anyone. I was expecting a lot of gay jokes but surprisingly didn’t get any and thought that the subject was handled very carefully but well.

Consensus: Just One Of The Guys provides good laughs but features an unbelievable premise and not very mannish looking woman.


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