Memento (2000)

If you can’t remember anything, don’t be this guy.

Suffering short-term memory loss after a head injury, Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce) embarks on a grim quest to find the lowlife who murdered his wife. To carry out his plan, Shelby snaps Polaroids of people and places, jotting down contextual notes on the backs of the photos to aid in his search and jog his memory.

One of the most mind-bending films I have ever seen in my life. Memento is a story that’s hard for the main character to keep straight just like us, because it tells its story. The ending of the story is actually the beginning and it is shown in such a way that it makes you think but also keeps you amazed, by this very original but clever way of story telling.

What this film really does is make us feel like him, because he knows less and less every time and we start to feel that, as his life goes on. I felt like I had short term memory loss after I watched this, but this is the only film that has ever had an effect on me that it also has on its main character.

The way the story is told is genius because we always have to think back to the beginning of the film. The film’s way of telling itself starts to take a toll on you as you have to think throughout the whole thing, it could’ve easily become a gimmick but it actually is one of the smartest movies ever told on film.

The only problem that by the end of the story I feel like it’s resolution wasn’t very told well. It brings a twist at the end which I wasn’t expecting but I still felt like I didn’t get it and it would’ve been told better through flashbacks.

The acting from the trio of leads is great and really smart. Guy Pearce does an amazing job as playing Leonard because his dry sense of humor towards his condition doesn’t make us feel pity but makes us cheer for him. Carrie-Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano are very good as supporting acts because one minute you think their the good guys then the next minute their the bad guys and it really does play with your mind of your thoughts about these characters.

Consensus: Memento is a mind-boggling film that thrives in originality and a fresh new way of story-telling, that will keep you thinking even after the movie is over.

9.5/10=Full Pricee!!


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