Mobsters (1991)

A young quartet of gangsters with Christian Slater and Patrick Dempsey, only in the film world can this happen.

The film focuses primarily on Luciano and Lansky as they rise from petty criminals and bootleggers to push aside the old guard of the Mafia and eventually establish The Commission, which set up the New York Mafia into five separate families. Bugsy Siegel (Richard Grieco) and Frank Costello (Costas Mandylor) control the physical elements of the operation, while Lucky Luciano (Christian Slater) and Meyer Lansky (Patrick Dempsey) bring up the business end.

This is basically every mafia movie cliche that you have ever seen in one film. There are obvious scenes that are just total rip-offs from The Godfather and Scarface, that after awhile I was just bored and would rather watch paint dry.

The historical inaccuracy of this movie is an insult. I don’t mind movies changing history for dramatic purposes when they are well-made. The movie doesn’t just embellish facts; it completely makes them up. Almost none of the events are portrayed as they actually happened, but even this would have been forgivable if the reinvented events were remotely plausible. Instead you get these fantastical “hero saves the day” action sequences that you would expect to see in a Steven Segal film. And for some inexplicable reason the movie changes the name of the famous gangster Maranzano to Faranzano, despite the fact that every other character’s name is accurate.

I didn’t quite care for these mobsters especially after the first 20 minutes where the film starts to glamorize the life of a mobster. In Goodfellas, at times they glamorized but also showed effects of being a mob member and there not pretty. In Mobsters they kill normal innocent people and were supposed to like them?

The plot is so complicated, that in order to kill this guy we have to get his trust and in order to get his trust we have to fake trying to kill him and if we protect him long enough we can kill him. This also goes basically throughout the whole film.

If there is any good thing about this film is that has to be Christian Slater who is very convincing in his role, and although he has a horrible script to play with he still tries to make the best of it, and does a fine job.

Consensus: The film felt more like a parody with a horrible script, obvious inaccuracies, and cliches beyond belief. A Mobster film for a younger audience but even they may find it boring.


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