Mystery Men (1999)

The outcasts that ban together movie, yeah we have seen that all before but this time its superheros.

When Captain Amazing, chief superhero of Champion City, is kidnapped by insane super villain Casanova Frankenstein, who will save the city and ensure that justice is served? Enter the Mystery Men: Mr. Furious, The Bowler, The Blue Raja, The Shoveler, The Spleen, The Sphinx, and the Invisible Boy- a group of misfits in possession of superpowers…sort of.
Do not have the TV trailers have you think this movie is helpless, its actually inspired. Director Kinka Rush, who directs his first and only film, takes regularly funny stuff and tweaks it up to make it more modernly funny.
Much of the film seems like a satire or parody of other well-known superhero films, and their are many references to them as well, and this film could’ve gone in the natural lame parody way, but it doesn’t. Much of the film acts as an anti-superhero movie film but doesn’t get too carried away. The humor is really quirky and this humor makes the characters more funny and interesting.
Much of the praise comes from the talented cast of the film. With stars like Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria, William H. Macy, and Janeane Garofalo,  all prove they can be funny. Much of the dialogue was more improvised by a lot of these stars and the jokes don’t seem to worn out or dragged on. Most of its pretty up to date and each shows their side of comedy which many viewers will more or like enjoy.
Though the film could’ve had more improvements added.  Since the film looked so parodist I wish it could’ve stuck with that and toned down the special effects and made it seem even more cheesy, like a lot of the characters were acting. Also with a cast like this you would be expecting hilarious material but instead you get little chuckle jokes when I was expecting to be totally gut-busted.
The film surprisingly is a very successful parody of regular superhero films, despite having a couple of misfires just don’t be ready to cry while laughing.

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