The Devil’s Advocate (1997)

Al Pacino is the devil and Keanu Reeves is his son. Yeah Right!!

When charismatic lawyer John Milton (Al Pacino) recruits the successful young attorney Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) to his high-powered Manhattan firm, both Kevin and his wife (Charlize Theron) find life on Park Avenue seductive. That is, until strange things begin to happen. By the time the pair begins questioning John’s plans and who– or what — Kevin actually works for, it might be too late.

The Devil’s Advocate starts out very normal as lawyer moves into big city, and lawyer soon becomes one of them. The story starts out like it could be a thriller but soon falls into a huge story of evil, lies, and horror.

The movie seemed really confusing of why out of nowhere these people started just being evil and how they were evil in the first place. It worked as a thriller and that’s how it was for the longest time but then it started to spiral out of control when it started going towards the horror genre. The film was also way too long for my taking and I felt that some scenes were definably not needed. The twist ending never really made any sense either and I just felt like it added more confusion to this story in all.

Though those are the bad parts here are some good one. I like the production design of how it looked. There are some really good shots of New York and many other shots of statues coming to life, and they looked very good as well. The story does get very complex as it goes along. Despite me being confused when I followed through the story I enjoyed how it was engaging with its story.

Pacino and Reeves are also very good in this film as well. Pacino does a great job at playing an evil but calm guy and he gives a very energetic performance and shows he can make any film better. Keanu Reeves surprisingly does a good job as well if you can believe it. He is there to play the stand-up guy while everything else goes horribly wrong around him, and he shows he isn’t all good looks and that he can make a very strong and powerful performance. Also the supporting cast does well, most notably a young Charlize Theron who gives us a early view of her acting chops.

Consensus: Pacino and Reeves are game and so is the production, but the story tries to work as a horror film when it really could work as a thriller. The ending is very laughable too.


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