The Weather Man (2005)

The life of a weather man can really suck!

Chicago weatherman Dave Spitz (Nicolas Cage) gets one step closer to fame and fortune when he’s invited to try out for a spot on a popular national morning show. All he has to do is pull himself together, but that proves increasingly difficult as his marriage spirals out of control and his father (Michael Caine) gets sicker. Dave soon learns that while he may be able to predict tomorrow’s weather, he can’t stop life from raining on his parade.

Nicolas Cage plays a loner again which he has done before most notably in Leaving Las Vegas, but here he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t go crazy, he simply regrets the wreckage that his life has ensued. The most fascinating thing about this film is that the Cage character doesn’t have some tragic flaw or terrible secret. He has too many problems in his life that he cannot endure and he never had enough faith to begin with.

This is a very strange film that has a very strange rhythm. There is a whole part about Cage becoming an archery player. Most of the film reminded me of strange filled movies like The Royal Tenenbaums and Lost In Translation. The film’s comedy is like both of these other ones because of its dry sense of humor. Much of the film has a very sarcastic but dark sense of narration from Cage and provides laughs throughout the film.

The problem I had with this film was that I thought it got too depressing at points. The humor tries to lighten up the tone but ultimately fails at taking away the depressing mode. The film is also very crude, the son is being set up to be seduced by a pedophile. The daughter is a fat, little smoker who dresses in clothes too tight causing the boys at her school to make fun of her, and only the dying grandfather notices and know about it. I thought a lot of this film was just to be strange to provide laughs but didn’t pay off in the end.

The performances in this film are pretty solid. Cage does a great job at taking center stage and making a nothing performance about a guy’s life who’s suck and tries to help his family.  He creates energy but also mixed with confusion which creates this self-pity character. The most important scenes come from Micheal Caine who does very well and him and Cage are father and son but the two create a chemistry that doesn’t feel like father and son but two good friends and it is really cool to see all that pan out on screen.

The film provides some dry laughs mostly due to a good performance from Cage, but soon starts to dissolve into strangeness and a little bit of crudeness.


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