Trapped in Paradise (1994)

The one night in hell, during Christmas Eve.

Crooked brothers David (Jon Lovitz) and Alvin (Dana Carvey) are sprung from jail and hook up with their third partner in crime, brother Bill (Nicolas Cage). Three-time losers, the larcenous siblings know that crime doesn’t pay, but that doesn’t stop them from knocking over a bank in the small burg of Paradise. What they didn’t reckon was that fleeing Paradise would be much harder than stealing the loot!

I’m really glad I haven’t finished my list for some of the worst films of all-time till I saw this one. The movie occasionally seems to know its bad, so try again and shake it off, but fails, and is just a movie about no one and nothing in general.

This film is labeled as a comedy but I found nothing funny about this at all. The film thinks that having its actors do twerp accents, and have Jon Lovitz be as obnoxious as usual. There are sometimes when the film really does not fit in with the comedy genre, because probably the funny things in this movie are only for 12 year olds or younger, that’s if they can get the joke.

The plot for this film is OK, but then starts to dissent into madness when everything just starts looking tired. So tired that the actors in this film look like they just want to get it over with and eat a sandwich or go home. The only thing that kept these actors from denigrate this god-awful screenplay was the paycheck that went to them.

I feel bad for the actors in this film I really do. What is Nic Cage doing? He is very miscast and so is Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz. The problem I had with these characters was that they were all supposed to be brothers considering they didn’t look or act one bit alike at all, and Carvey and Lovitzs’ characters are so annoying and dumb that you are tired of hearing them talk. Nic Cage tries his hardest in this film but to no avail.

The film did have at least one funny moment, and it was probably unintentional. The set looks great too like a portrait right from Norman Rockwell and it does look amazing, but in the end its all just put to waist.

Consensus: A comedy that isn’t funny and characters we just don’t care about.


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