Valley Girl (1983)

A Romeo and Juliet love but in a 80’s way.

A punk named Randy (Nicolas Cage) from the wrong side of the Hollywood Hills falls for Julie (Deborah Foreman), a mall-dwelling Valley Girl, and they begin a Romeo-and-Juliet-like romance … that is, until peer pressure gets to Julie and she cuts off their relationship. But love-struck Randy refuses to give up on Julie. Will he convince her that they’re meant to be together?

If you want to see the landmark 80’s romantic teen comedy, don’t look at Pretty In Pink or Say Anything…, look at this hilarious lovable gem. The movie shows the fads, the lingo, and especially the music that we are all round in the 80’s.

The film is more of a cute romantic film than it is compelling or dramatic. Many of the lines now seem really cheesy and it will obviously make you laugh but you have got to look at it this way, this is the first film of its time. Its goofy but also very it doesn’t try to get any laughs from making fun of or embarrassing teenage girls. The best thing of this film which makes it entertaining is its up-beat 80’s music soundtrack filled with acts such as Modern English, Men At Work, and Josie Cotton.

The performances are pretty engaging from the two leads. Nicolas Cage makes one of his first debuts in film and actually shows some of his acting talents that he have in later years. Also, Deborah Foreman does a believable job as playing a girl stuck in between two worlds, and you can see the confusion of what she wants to be on her face.

The film does take a lot of scenes that could’ve been comedic gold but simply goes into another direction where all you get is simple little chuckles in between. Also a lot of the dialogue could’ve been less cliched if given the right screen writer.

This film is more influential than it is funny and a lot of its corniness will throw you off, but it still is a great tale about a love unwanted.


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