Hustle & Flow (2005)

What Terrence Howard can do best other than acting, pimping.

DJay (Howard) is a pimp with aspirations of grandeur — he wants to make it as a rapper — but he soon discovers that fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Offering strong characters and notes of sweet romance amid the urban beats of its central plot.

The film reminds me so much of a similar film, called 8 Mile. The story of a nobody who wants to become an a rap-artist who just can’t make a break because of his personal issues, are in both films however, I would rather watch this one.

Director Craig Brewer steps away from a lot of the notable cliches about pimps, hoes, and drug dealers and really shows these characters in a new and enlightening but true way. These characters are not perfect and they do have problems with their lives. DJay hates being a pimp, and the hookers hate being call girls, and they all make mistakes, but they still learn from them.

Most people will be disgusted and taken away by the gritty look, but I think it creates a great and effective atmosphere. The way everything looks is so crummy, so torn-down, but yet so authentic in the way this little town in Memphis looks. The movie doesn’t try to overplay it’s setting and shows what type of atmosphere these people live with everyday.

Terrence Howard basically gives the best performance of his career right here. He is so good, considering I found him using the word “maine”, a little too redundant, but still very good, and he gives the strongest performance and highlights the struggles the type of person can deal with, in their own environment. Ludacris actually does show he can act with the little screen time he gets and shows some very impressive skills.

Though I’m not in love with rap music I felt without the music they had this film wouldn’t be what it is. As out of hand the songs are they are very memorable and actually add a lot of excitement to a film that did need it at some flat points.

The last 25 minutes of this film are just so perfect. Those minutes touch on so many subjects such as the rap culture, friendship, and most of all pride. This film shows a true conveying message that is perfectly executed.

The only problem that I had with this almost perfect film, was how these characters as messed up as they were never really had much of a resolution to their wrong-doings. All the sex that the hooker was having she was bound to get AIDS soon, and the baby in the story, what happened to the kid?

Consensus: Hustle & Flow is a very exciting take on the rap world that is gritty but insightful and produces an amazingly strong performance from Terence Howard.

9.5/10=Full Priceee!!!


  1. awesome review of an awesome movie mayne. this jawn, mayne, is just great mayne. mayne mayne mayne mayne mayne.

    all jokes aside: great review, but i think i would watch 8 mile over it, just because eminem is a legit rapper, where as terence howard is an actor that is very good at what he does (who sounds like nelly when he raps).

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