The Missouri Breaks (1976)

What were these guys thinking!??

Laid-back rustler Tom Logan (Jack Nicholson) and his gang buy a ranch next to their new target: rich landowner Braxton (John McLiam). While Logan courts his neighbor’s daughter (Kathleen Lloyd), Braxton gets wind of the rustling plot and hires gunman Lee Clayton (Marlon Brando) to do the dirty work.

having two great legends in the big roles for a film, you know it just has to be good. However, in this case we do not have that at all.

The one huge problem with this film is that it tries to do so many things with itself and it just doesn’t work at all. It tries hard to be a quirky comedy at points, others it tires to be a romantic-heartfelt story, and then in all it tries to be a suspenseful action ride, all from the West. All of these different things that go on just don’t work and just add on to the flatness.

There are some scenes where it’s just all powered by dialogue and actually it is not interesting nor meaningful. I found these cowboys to be talking about random crap from the farm, to the things that inhabit the farm, or going into town. As you can see not very interesting stuff, and I actually found myself yawning a lot.

A lot of Westerns usually build up the story in order to eventually have a big action-packed climax. However, this film doesn’t feature any if no Western action sequences at all, and the climax I felt to be terribly anti-climactic, and ultimately unmeaning.

If you really can stand a 2 hour film of just sure boring then be ready for this one, cause it has a whole bunch of that. The whole film moves at a very slow pace with occasional step ups, but with 2 hours of a film that could’ve been put on the screen for about 1 hour, come on! After awhile I just couldn’t put up with that much and just started making fun of the film bit by bit.

The one thing that actually makes this film not as bad, is its two leading actors. Jack Nicholson does a good job at capturing his role, but the one who really blows this film out of the water is Marlon Brando. Brando plays one of the most over-the-top characters he has ever played, and actually brings a lot of enjoyment to this non enjoyable film. Brando ad-lib’s throughout the whole film and makes a lot of memorable quotes and actually makes this film better, as random as he is.

Consensus: With two leading stars of Nicholson and Brando, The Missouri Breaks fails at being an engaging , interesting Western film, and just becomes way too stale and too over-played.


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