88 Minutes (2007)

What were you thinking Al Pacino?!?!?!

Jack Gramm (Al Pacino)– a college professor and occasional forensic psychologist for the FBI– finds himself in a race against time when he receives a mysterious phone call telling him he has exactly 88 minutes left to live. Can he track down his would-be killer before the clock runs out?

About 15 minutes into this piece of junk I literally wanted to turn away, and spend a better time of 88 minutes counting to 5,208. As this film started to continue on I actually wondered to myself could this be Al Pacino’s worst film? Then the answer came to me, and it was a HELL YES!!!

There are so many problems with this film that it’s actually hard to say them all in one bite. The whole film is just so outlandishly confusing, and half of the times while I was watching this I was really confused of what was actually going on. Either that or I just wasn’t interested enough.

The film is called 88 Minutes, and to be truly honest it should’ve been that long cause although it was about 1 hour and 48 minutes it felt like a 3 hour film, and at times I really didn’t have a clue where they were trying to get at with this movie. It’s slow as snail pace never really picks up and isn’t very exciting for a thriller, and half of the time I even forgot how much longer Pacino had to live. Instead of actually looking for the person that tries to kill him, Pacino’s character is too busy having feelings about a dozen old flames, talking about a previous case, and just way too busy answering his phone for dumb crap that have nothing to do with his life.

Al Pacino does try his hardest despite this lousy script, but he still fails in so many ways. He just doesn’t feel right in this movie at all. If I had about 88 minutes to live, I think I would be a little more frantic then just going around and dropping dumb lines like, “What the hell!!!”, or “Who is this”, every time I get a call. Pacino not very convincing in his role although I will at least give him props for trying.

This film was advertised as a huge action-packed thriller, and it wasn’t that one bit. The film tried to keep me on the edge of my seat and not once was I on the edge of my seat, and if I was it was to go to the bathroom and take time from watching this piece of crap.

Consensus: 88 Minutes tries to act like a suspense thriller, that features no suspense, confusion throughout, and just not a very convincing from Al Pacino. Surely one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and one of Pacino’s worst.

0/10=STAY AWAY!!!!!!

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  1. Wow, this was a harsh review. I just caught this movie on TV the other day, and thought it was just okay, a stable 5/10. Sure, it’s no Scarface but compared to his role in Jack and Jill, this movie was a masterpiece! 🙂

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