The Hunt for Red October (1990)

Sean Connery trying to be a Russian, nothing else is better than that.

When a Soviet nuclear sub headed toward American waters drops off U.S.scanners, the Yanks scramble to take defensive steps. But CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin) convinces the brass that the sub’s commander (Sean Connery) has something other than a first strike in mind.

Now getting ready to watch this movie I was all hyped up. I love Sean Connery in any movie, and it actually looked like a reasonably slick thriller with little tweaks of action. Too bad that wasn’t what happened at all.

The film I guess you could call it a thriller, that’s if what your definition of thriller is. If your definition is a movie that has little or no action in the middle and suddenly picks up speed bu the end, with the other 95% of the film all just useless talking, then yeah this is a thriller.

Other than the talking about God knows what with these characters nothing really happens. I felt myself zoning out plenty of times and just bored all together. I mean I know sound pretty stingy but this film just didn’t hold my attention. They play this score music that tries to get you all in suspense when really there was no suspense to begin with, and its just put at random times of the movie.

The acting in this movie is actually the one thing that makes it watchable. Sean Connery as usual does a great job in this film and it seems like he really does try his hardest with this film and actually make a run with it. Alec Baldwin does a good job to and has more effective scenes than Connery which kind of threw me off, but they were still good nonetheless.

By the end of the film there is some CGI that comes into play and I could not help but just laugh at how pitiful it really looked. I thought I was playing a video game or something when that crap came up.

Consensus: Though it has good performances, The Hunt For Red October doesn’t really have much going on and tries to act like a suspenseful thriller when it’s neither.



  1. Sorry to disagree – but I liked it. The film was made in 1990 and more than likely was state of the art at that time. If the CGI wasn’t top drawer stuff for you now, that’s because you are looking at through the prism of time (19 years worth).

    I thought that Connery was great in the role. “One ping only” is certainly not a wonder of literary excellence. If you want that in a screenplay try A Man for All Seasons which swept the Oscars more than 40 years ago.

    Baldwin’s role was not intended to be that of a physical hero. In fact the whole genre of submarine movies is based on the containment of the men on the subs. In the limited space what else can they do except wait, watch, and listen.

    Plus this was the time of the cold war – bullets weren’t flying and bombs weren’t dropping. But wahat was being tossed about was talk.

    By the way the talk (statesmanship) between Richard Jordan’s character and the Russian ambassador, was superb. I think this type of writing is what distinguishes a great movie from a great action movie.

    Anyway I did my own write up of the mvie on my blog. I called the article Buckaroo. You can have a look at it here:


  2. hunt for red october was really good with sean connery and alec baldwin. brilliant music from the late great basil poledouris.

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