Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Next film for Halloween is Dawn Of The Dead remake.

Based on the George Romero 1979 gore classic, this remake takes place as the United States is overrun (after a plague) by millions of corpses who walk the earth as cannibalistic zombies. A small group of survivors, including a nurse (Sarah Polley) and a police officer (Ving Rhames), try to find shelter within a massive shopping mall. But the zombies have a kind of sense memory and start arriving — in droves — for a shopping spree.

This is not so much of a remake as it is an update of the 1979 classic. The whole premise remains faithful to the original but then after that makes its own elements, which really was a good thing after all.

Dawn Of The Dead really does succeed because its use of exciting action and most of all, the gore. The added on blood and violence really does make this film exciting and fun to watch. Also, in the original the zombies were really slow and if you just ran they would’ve never caught up to you. Now, they are fast as a bullet and you can’t run or hide barely, and I think that is what makes this film even better.

The film also has little unriddle social commentary, and zero exposition. For instance, when a government official is asked “what are these things? are they contagious?” he simply responds “We don’t know!”. Giving you this idea of nobody knowing what is going on.

Zack Snyder, in his directorial debut, really does show some really great direction in this film. Many of the scenes he films with the action are slick and feature a lot of good camera angles that really do fit the part of the action.

I only had little minor problems with this film that aren’t as bad as you would expect. In George A. Romero’s 1979 Dawn Of The Dead, there was a lot more comedy and a satirical take on these zombies and the incidents that are being caused. I felt like this film was toned one way throughout, and although it did have some comedy it was more blatant than wise, as the original one was.

I also found the origins of why these zombies came to be very unknown and I wish I knew more of what was actually going on.

Consensus: Dawn Of The Dead is a gruesome, violent, tasteless, and well-directed take on the 1979 classic.

9/10=Fulll Pricee!!!!



  1. Well put, Dan the Man. I couldn’t agree more. I loved the original, and this remake earned the right to exist as its own work of filmmaking. The violence was there, the eerie atmosphere was there, and I flat-out LOVED the ending — reminded me ever so slightly of “Day of the Dead.” All in all, this one’s definitely worth seeing. I hope Romero diehards won’t dismiss it out of hand.

  2. This was the movie that introduced me to Romero, who has made some awesome films. It really did run along the same vein as the original. It did have some funny moments as well though that broke the tension. I still remember cracking up when they run away from zombies into the elevator and the doors close just in time. Pleasant elevator music starts playing Then there is this really awkward pause and CJ says “I like this song”. Classic.

  3. This movie still scares me. As campy as it is at moments, it is equally terrifying. It’s one of the rare occasions when the remake is as good as the original. Big props to this flick. I’ve only seen it twice because it incites too many Zombie induced nightmares.

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