Road Trip (2000)

After watching this film, I really want to go on a road trip.

College student Josh (Breckin Meyer) makes two big mistakes: He cheats on his girlfriend — and videotapes it. When his roommates accidentally mail her the tape, Josh and his buddies hit the road to intercept it. Countless antics occur along the way, including MTV’s Tom Green feeding a mouse to a boa constrictor.

Road Trip is a film that came out during and after the wave of the whole American Pie generation. However, this film seems as its geared towards a younger raunchy audience, actually could’ve worked for anyone. Well, not everyone.

This film really does have some genuinely funny moments that occur during the span of the story. The events that transpire during the road trip are very funny, and sometimes actually very well-done.

The one thing I really like about the humor in the film is that it can be very disgusting and raunchy, but they actually have some seriousness and funny jokes. The screenplay is fantastic and is the main strong point of this film. I felt this is how real people talk, and how they would react to the same exact situation. The racy dialogue in this film actually does work and for once I wasn’t totally grossed out.

The problem with it’s comedy is that it is very hit-or-miss. Some moments are funnier than others and some are just genuinely not funny at all, and are just put in there to be overly raunchy. I think that there were plenty of times that the film could’ve really pulled scenes off and make them comedic gold but just end up not being very funny.

Many of the situation were also just way too over-done. Though I know this is a movie, and a lot of this junk wouldn’t happen it really does get a little too out of hand and not very believable. This movie, as with other comedies, throws political correctness out the window and anyone is made the subject for jokes and laughter.

I did actually enjoy the cast as each of the four dudes on the trip all had their own little scenes too shine, they were all so different and all their performances are actually very comical. Sean William Scott is basically playing the same character he does in every movie, but he is what takes the gold home in this film. Tom Green may turn you away from this film, but isn’t on-screen for a very long time, and at points you may actually find him to be funny, other than his usual weird type of comedy.

Consensus: Road Trip is funny and well-acted, it just isn’t as hilarious as it could’ve been and many of the times the film just tries to go for the heavy take of raunchy humor.


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