Harry Brown (2009)

Don’t let looks fool you, Michael Caine is still one hell of a bad-ass.

When a crew of drug-dealing gang members takes the life of his only friend, Leonard (David Bradley), retired Marine and widower Harry Brown (Michael Caine) decides to take the law into his own hands.

Now, what really pisses me off about this film, is that for a lot of Americans, they won’t be able to see this, due to its only release in Britain. And must I say that wow, you guys are really missing out on a lot.

While watching the film this is clearly the British ‘Gran Torino’ meets ‘Death Wish’ with a little bit of ‘Outlaw’ but that doesn’t ruin the film it’s just very noticeble.

The movie had me gripped from start to finish and although, apart from Harry, alot of the characters seem a bit two dimensional they are like that for a reason, so you are cheering everytime one of em gets it in the face, I mean it’s not a movie bout what a hard life these kids have had, although there is one boy that you get that sence with, it’s about justice for the wicked. Oh and if you don’t think that these guys are realistic then you ain’t met some of the people I have.

The cinematography is good and so is the sound track and both give you a great feeling of how grimey the place Harry lives in is as well as portraying the different emotions expressed in the movie.

The only problem I had with this film was that there are so many times it could have just shined when really it just doesn’t. The script isn’t that good, and to be brutally honest, there aren’t any instantaneous quotable or catchy lines in this film like Gran Torino.

Another problem with this film and it’s nothing that really maters but, even though it’s probably cheap, film makers should know that CG blood is not the way to do things. I know it affords more control but it just looks so fake… SO STOP DOING IT!

Michael Caine is suprisingly believable in this film as a gun toting mad man on revenge. He doesn’t come off as too cheesy, and he actually does show some weaknesses and comes off as being a normal human being. Some of the side performances weren’t great, although some of the teens did have some OK little strong performances, but nothing really special.

Consensus: Harry Brown isn’t great, but features great action, a very convincing performance from Caine, and an interesting, if done before, story.


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