Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

Respect for Nicolas Cage goes wayyyyyy uppp!!!!

Corrupt Det. Terence McDonaugh (Nicolas Cage) — whose bad habits include pain drugs, reckless sports gambling and accepting sexual bribes — investigates the murder of five Senegalese illegal immigrants in New Orleans.

The original film back in 1992, was actually good, considering I saw it about 2 years ago. But, both films have the same material but are completely different by the way they are filmed and told.

Director Werner Herzog really does prove that he is one of the most fearless and creative directors out there. He takes this source material that we are familiar with and adds all these different and insane things that we have never really seen before. I mean tell me, have you ever seen a camera shot from the viewpoint of an iguana? I would think not. There are so many other cool things Herzog does but to list them would take way too long.

None of this movie should have worked but somehow it does. I think it gets very whacked out when Cage starts to take drugs and go crazy, and this is when you could have just called it a day. However, crazy shit goes down that keeps your attention, and at times, I found most of the scene s to be highly suspenseful.

The cosmic, sleazy, and sometimes scuzzy jokes that were made in this film were just really great. Herzog doesn’t try to hide that there are jokes and it can be looked at as a comedy. The film soon, if not sooner, will be an instantaneous quotable film sooner or later.

The one problem I had with the film was that it just wasn’t great enough. There were some little sub-plots that didn’t really quite work out well as the main story did, and compared to Herzog’s others, there aren’t really any mezmerizing visuals here. It tries to act too much like a noir but really just falls flat as coming off as another comedy-drama cop film.

When Nic Cage is on fire, I don’t think any theater can hold him. He is absolute amazing in this film, and gives off one of the best performances from him in the past 10 years. He is so funny, so loopy. and so crazy, that despite his destructive life, you can’t help but to just love the guy and root for him throughout.

Consensus: Compared to its original there are no comparisons. This film contains a never-back-down direction from Herzog, some hilarious moments, and one of the greatest performances from Cage.


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