How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

This was not needed at all!!

Dr. Seuss’s much-loved tome about the real meaning of Christmas finally makes it to the big screen, with comic wunderkind Jim Carrey starring in the titular role of a green-faced gnome who plots to rob Whoville of the Yuletide. Several songs from the classic 1966 animated cartoon have also made the transition. Pass that last can of Who Hash, will ya?

So to get in the holiday spirit, I decided I need to start watching some Christmas films. I think after watching this, I’m going to stick to classics.

You would think with such a film that is aimed towards children for Christmas, that it would be full of glee and fun, when really that is not what we get at all. This is at times a strange and grim movie with little bits and pieces of comedy coming in.

The film is marketed towards kids when really I don’t even know if kids will laugh at this, more of like being terrified. I mean just look at The Grinch and don’t tell me when you were a small kid that the face of him made you a little creeped out. There are also these little creepy pedophile underlining themes between The Grinch and the main little girl, that I found myself even more creeped out by.

The set direction and look is pretty good, despite it being out there. But really I didn’t find the look mesmerizing. I found a lot of the colors to be a bit tainted and dragged, and the towns people looked as ugly as The Grinch himself. Now, don’t get me wrong here some of the old cartoons were a tad creepy as well, but these people along with The Grinch just looked very terrifying and very very strange.

Jim Carrey does a greta job as the title character. He really does use everything in his crazy arsenal to fully embody this character that we see from the characters, but make him a lot goofier and silly than what we imagined.

When I think about how bad this movie was too, Ron Howard directed this!! Yes, that Ron Howard!!! Come on man, you can do so much better. To be truly honest I think this was just a total money grab for box office success, and well the devil lives on, as it was #1 for about three weeks.

Consensus: Jim Carrey shines as The Grinch, but cannot save this emotionaless, gloomy, and uninspired tale from just being another terrible remake.



  1. great stuff and i have to agree with you: this movie is “just another remake” and the grinch used to freak me out.

    please do a review for a nightmare before christmas. it’s a classic!

  2. I’ve always wondered something – how much better could this film have been if the studio had tapped Tim Burton to direct it?

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