Babel (2006)

After watching this I needed to watch every episode of The Teletubies.

When an American couple (Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett) vacationing in Morocco fall victim to a random act of violence, a series of events unfolds across four countries that demonstrates both the necessity and impossibility of human communication. Director Alejandro González Iñárritu artfully weaves together three seemingly disparate stories in this Oscar nominee for Best Picture and Golden Globe winner for Best Drama.

Now right away I should let you know, if you want to watch this film be ready. The next two hours and twenty-two minutes of your life will be totally depressed, as I felt after watching this film.

The film is four stories that are all weaved together in one or another, and each feature a huge disaster among the characters. To say one story is better or more interesting than the other is simple unfair. Each story in their own features a strong enough effect on your soul and will make you think about the world we live in.

This is not an easy film to watch as each story is told through different languages so we get a sense of realism. Probably what I liked most about this film is that there are no bad guys and good guys, these people are normal everyday human beings such as you and myself. They are not judged on their morality as much as on fate and circumstance. This element of fate and circumstance really impacted me, as knowing one thing devastating thing can happen now matter how good or bad you are in life.

The cinematography is just so beautiful. Some of the images in this film are just so mesmerizing, that I couldn’t stop just to wonder how such beautiful images got put into this film. There are a couple scenes where this shows, but there is one where the Japanese girl is in a club and you get this total feeling that you are in it with all the strobe lights, and the atmosphere its just so great looking.

The only problem I had with this film was not so much of a problem with the film but more of with me. The film was just so damn depressing!! I mean there was little or no humor involved whatsoever, and almost in every story everything bad that could happen, just happened and it just became so bad for me.

None of these stories would be as powerful as they were without its great acting from the cast. Brad Pitt does a great job here and plays one of his earlier stronger roles, along with Cate Blanchett who is his servery injured wife. But the best out of the performances was the Japanese girl played by Rinko Kikuchi who makes this film even more tragic as a young girl who just wants to have sex to get rid of her own pain and anguish, and she plays it so very well.

Consensus: Babel is a very depressing film, but is has a wonderful message, with great writing and directing, along with realistic writing, and a powerful film even when the credits are done rolling.

9/10=Full Priceee!!!


  1. Good review – I agree this is an extraordinary film, much more subtle than I was expecting and it affected me for a long time afterwards. Thanks for commenting on my blog – though it is MrP who provides the reviews and he has his own site www dot if you want to read more of his wonderfully pithy reviews.

  2. I watched Babel after the Oscars that year. I thought it was boring. The only segment I liked was Rinko Kikuchi’s part. That was fascinating.

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