Arthur (1981)

If only all drunk people acted like this guy.

Charming but incessantly intoxicated multimillionaire Arthur Bach (Dudley Moore) stands on the brink of an arranged marriage to properly pedigreed heiress Susan Johnson (Jill Eikenberry), but his heart belongs to a working-class filcher (Liza Minnelli). When his family threatens to cut off Arthur’s inheritance if he doesn’t marry Susan, he asks loyal squire Hobson (John Gielgud) to lend a hand.

From the first moment that you hear Dudley Moore’s infectious laugh over the opening credits and theme song, you know that you’re in for a wonderful ride.

This film is most certainly a light comedy, but it carries enough weight in the development of the storyline and content that it feels substantial and moving as well. Many of the elements of comedy work so well here, that I could not just stop laughing at parts.

The one best thing about this film is that the main character Arthur, is such a spoiled playboy that he just uses his money like it falls out of his ass. But with the characterization of him, we love this guy even though he is such a snob at points.

There is probably only one bad thing I had with this film that came up a lot and it was that many of the scenes where they we’re focusing on the romantic side of the film, it was way too dull. The screenplay is hilarious when it comes to comedy, but when it tries to act serious and romantic, it comes off as way too corny and just dumb.

After watching the preview for Arthur, I expected a straight-up comedy. But then I felt the storyline was taking somewhat of a dramatic turn, and I thought it would turn out to be one of those movies that make you think it’s a comedy but end up being a drama.

Dudley Moore is probably one of the funniest drunks of all-time in this film. He is so funny, belting out hilarious one-liners like its his job, and he is one of the main reasons why this film actually works. The late great John Gielgud, gives out one of the best performances in the movie, as he turns out to be the most unusual but full of jokes butler.

Consensus: Arthur has some lame dialogue when it focuses on its romantic/dramatic side, but features hilarious jokes, and great performances from Moore and Gielgud.


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