Obsessed (2009)

I know they say once you go black you can’t go back, but goddamn!

Derek Charles (Idris Elba) seems to have it all — including the perfect job and the perfect wife (Beyoncé Knowles). But his charmed life takes on an ugly tarnish when sexy office worker Lisa Sheridan (Ali Larter) sets out to seduce and destroy him. Now, it’s much more than a dangerous liaison; it’s a full-blown occupational hazard.

If you have already seen the trailer, there is no need to waste your time with this film, you have already seen the whole movie.

Basically if you haven’t already known before, but basically this is a modern-riff on Fatal Attraction. Yes, the same plot, and mostly the same crazy shit that always seem to inhabit these types of films. There is really nothing knew here that it adds, other than one chick is black and the other is white.

To be truly honest, I actually wanted something bad for this guy to happen. He doesn’t sleep with the chick but it never gets interesting because he never does do anything wrong. It just seems like this guy was Beyonce’s little bitch, and he never gets into any trouble whatsoever, therefore my interest level was done with.

The film totally changed by the end as well. It went from this Fatal Attraction esque thriller, from switching gears to this horror/action type of last act. This was so dumb, but to be honest my attention for this film left me so it didn’t quite matter after all.

Larters performance is laughably over the top. She is just way too crazy to be sexy. Sure she’s hot, but she comes off as so desperate and psychotic from day one that she never manages to be tempting. And after all she is just some crazy bitch. If she never manages to make the man in the equation go astray, what power does she really have. An impotent villain makes for a pointless hero. Bottom line is that you have to seriously suspend disbelief if she is to seem even somewhat menacing. Shes nothing that couldn’t be controlled with a good crack to the mouth, and her and Knowles together are even worse. Its a veritable bad act off.

There are only two good things I’ll give this props for. 1. Idris Elba, god bless his heart, actually does give a very belivable and likable performance here, and 2. I can’t lie that action scene with Beyonce kicking ass is pretty nice no lie, and will surley get the crowd going.

Consensus: Obsessed is a total riff of Fatal Attraction, that never gets interesting due to its obvious cliches, bad acting by the villain, and mostly just overall a dumb story to be re-told.



  1. As much as I love to hear Beyonce sing or see her in a photo I can’t stand her acting. This movie looked like a tired engine trying to give her something to do after Dreamgirls. Boo.

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