Fired Up (2009)

This film proves that male cheer leading is not gay.

After maxing out their starring roles on the high school football team, Shawn (Nicholas D’Agosto) and Nick (Eric Christian Olsen) ditch summer training camp and head into brave new territory: volunteering to help the cheerleading squad reach new heights. The team’s pretty captain (Sarah Roemer) doesn’t buy the guys’ act for a second. But even she has to admit her sorry squad could use two extra sets of hands.

I had no intention on seeing this when I saw the trailer thinking it was going to be another cheerleader movie but I saw it and I really enjoyed it, however, they were some problems. For one thing, there’s a scene where the girls are watching Bring It On and are saying lines from the film and I thought “That’s unrealistic” but then again, you would never think the two guys in the film were in high school.

The guys in the film Olsen and D’Agosto, look like their 30. Not once did I believe these guys as young high-schoolers. The way they talked, acted, and even reacted did not seem like they were in high school one bit.

The film is extremely one note for that matter. While that one note does have moments that made me laugh out loud, I don’t think that they’re giving guys enough credit. There are NO guys that think about sex as much as these two characters; in the words of The Princess Bride, it’s inconceivable! I mean, a lot of guys are pigs, sure, but they DO do other things besides sweet talk women.

There were also parts in this film that were insanely cliched. Because as soon as they left for camp, I knew exactly where the film was going to go with this.

Now, this film is not very bad really, if anything some moments did have me laugh. Though i think gay jokes that are played over and over again are not funny, this film proved to me that if you have the write flavor to the gay jokes they can actually make you laugh. Also, the film is not as raunchy as in today’s world of teen sex comedies. This treats its comedy with a very light touch that can be seen from mostly teens all the way up to some adults.

Consensus: Fired Up is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but is very funny at points, not raunchy as in today’s standards, and in the end just cute.


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