Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009)

Mall Cops all around the wolrd are forever shamed.

Funnyman Kevin James (“King of Queens”) stars as Paul Blart, an overzealous security guard who finds himself in way over his head when he attempts to thwart a criminal mastermind’s (Keir O’Donnell) plot to rob an entire shopping mall.

Basically what you will notice right away that the plot sort of rings a bell as soon as you read it. That’s right people, its Die Hard but instead of a huge ass building its a mall, instead of Bruce Willis we have Kevin James, and instead of an R-Rating we have PG kiddy movie.

Don’t get me wrong here there are actually some genuine laughs but their not the kind of laughs I prefer. Usually the jokes aren’t smart, or meaningful, they are more about the slapstick and making a fat joke towards the main character, which in itself is just demeaning.

But see the thing is here once you get the first 20 minutes you already get an idea of what your in store for. The fat jokes just keep on coming down the isle, and never get funny. Kids will laugh cause you know its fat people but for me I was I just thinking, you know what is wrong with all this, why is this in such bad taste.

It might be the PG rating, but the film comes off as too castrated. The few bit and pieces that are humorous or witty were already shown in the preview for the most part.

Kevin James basically gives it everything he’s got, totally committing to the character of Paul Blart. He also delivers a lot of the family-friendly clean comedy which is just totally better than just your typical state of the art raunch fest, which I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be at all.

Consensus: Paul Blart has some laughs mostly from James in the lead, but too many jokes fall flat, and is only good to take out the whole family.


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