187 (1997)

Crazy Samuel L. as a high school teacher that don’t take shit!

Dedicated teacher Trevor Garfield (Samuel L. Jackson) fights for his life after one of his high school students attacks him. Tired of the gang warfare in the New York City school system, Garfield moves to California to teach there, thinking it must be a less hostile environment. But not only is the school violence worse, the administrators do nothing to protect staff members and students … until Garfield takes matters into his own hands.

In any film you watch nowadays Samuel L. Jackson is always playing a different role every time. But he still always has that same old crazy ass look to him, but in this one not so much.

In the film there are some effective scenes that actually quite do work. There are a lot of themes about loyalty, respect, and most of all violence in school. Things get out of hand very quickly in this film, but they never quite get too insane like I would have imagined them to be.

The movie is a depressing story of the realities of a good teacher trying to do their job within the very political public school system. A system where lawsuits and lack of discipline on the part of the students causes a cesspool of academia to exist. Survival is more important in the inner city school. Academics are ridiculed.

At times, the film did really lose me cause I felt like that parts didn’t seem very realistic at all, and were just put up cause the screenplay writers wanted to add some dramatic elements to the story. The compelling factor left the film as soon as they dived away from the class room and into the streets, and nothing ever really changed.

Samuel L. Jackson does a great job in this film as the strong hearten high school teacher torn between violence and education. He shows this character not to be your usual fight-against-the-odds teacher, and shows how teachers can get so fed up. Clifton Collins JR., does one of the better jobs as the Cholo gang leader and proves to actually have some talent rather than just be your average typical high-school film gangster.

Consensus: 187 is at times effective much ado to the strong performance from its cast, mostly Samuel L. Jackson, but at times loses peoples interest and doesn’t have enough effective scenes.


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