48 Hrs. (1983)

Eddie Murphy’s big-screen debut makes me miss him even more.

Detective Jack Cates (Nick Nolte) is forced to do the unbearable in order to catch a pair of escaped cop killers: He temporarily paroles wisecracking hustler Reggie Hammond (Eddie Murphy) into his custody. The dilemma: This odd couple has only 48 hours to solve the crime before Reggie has to go back to the slammer

This is one of the first films to bring out the buddy-cop genre film, and to be truly honest I don’t really like cop movies as much. They always seem to be too melodramatic for me, and this one wasn’t very different.

The film has so much yelling in it! I mean I think they were trying to get this film to be hilarious by just yelling stupid shit like “That’s my life, Jack”, or making racist comments to Murphy. I don’t know what the whole point of all this yelling was but one thing for certain is that it didn’t quite work just like the whole comedy element.

The jokes in this film weren’t that funny, and very out-dated. I felt like way too many times the film was just looking for these little wise crack jokes, so it would actually make it funny, when really it only had a couple of actually funny scenes.

The shoot outs and action is actually pretty good. I liked the fact that they didn’t shoot their gun about 5o times before they reloaded, it just made it seem a lot more realistic. Also, a lot of the action fast-paced and keeps you excited, I just wish the music wasn’t so damn corny.

The one saving point of this film is the chemistry between Murphy and Nolte. At first, they hate each other and can’t get a long one bit, but second by second they actually start to become good friends and you can tell by these performances. Murphy is very enterataining in this role though he is a lot more serious than usual, but his performance does bring out some highlights in this film.

Consensus: 48 Hrs. is a bit out-dated and not as funny as you would expect, but features some good action, with a pleasent chemistry from Nolte and Murphy.


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