Nothing But Trouble (1991)

Yeah this really is some trouble!

Stock market millionaire Chris Thorne (Chevy Chase) and investment lawyer Diane Lightson (Demi Moore) are headed to Atlantic City when they take the wrong exit off the New Jersey Turnpike. A local cop (John Candy) stops them for speeding in a curious town, where they’re brought before 106-year-old Judge Alvin Valkenheiser (Dan Aykroyd). But the old man’s punishment turns out to be as bizarre as he is.

The Oxford English dictionary needs to get to work inventing new words to describe how bad this movie was. Honestly, the film was advertised as a comedy, and that scares me cause it shows that the English language is running out of things to say.

The film has so many scenes where all these crazy ass creatures just pop out of nowhere. First-time director Aykroyd honestly rips off every single movie that has a creature or some disgusting thing in it, and puts them in this film which just really ruins that legacy.

Not only is the film very very unfunny but the look is just so depressing as well. Nothing looks bright or happy in the film, it just looks at dark and gllomy where nothing fun happens at all.

I feel bad for the cast who had to actually star in this, but even for anybody that watches this it is just really a chain wreck that shouldn’t be watched by a single person if they want to live a happy life.

0/10=Stay Away!!

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