The Uninvited (2009)

What a different kind of  plot, sike!

Committed to a mental hospital after her mother’s tragic death, grieving teenager Anna (Emily Browning) discovers upon her release that her father (David Strathairn) plans to marry his deceased wife’s former nurse (Elizabeth Banks), a woman who might not have the best intentions. But foreboding warnings from her mother’s ghost only cement Anna’s suspicions.

So basically this is one of the 5,000 Japanese horror remakes that just take over Hollywood nowadays, and to be truly honest compared to some others, its not terrible just not that good either.

For the adaptation nearly all the complexity of the original has been stripped out. The play is more linear and the pace, though remaining necessarily slow, has been adjusted for the American audience. I hate to think that to make the wonderful original screenplay saleable in the USA it had to be “dumbed down.”

I felt like their were a lot of nice twists and turns that did keep this film a little bit on the interesting level. Some twists, especially the one at the end, was actually suprising, and others just seemed highly implausible and just put in to add another little twist to the story.

I feel like the horror element to this film wasn’t as bad as I was expecting but it didn’t quite hit the mark as I was expecting. There were a lot of the usual jumps and scares that you would suspect out of this movie, and I felt like the film actually had a lot going for it, and when it proceeded just to show us these on-and-off again little jumps, I felt a bit dissapointed.

The film’s acting is actually pretty good. Browning gives a very nice effective lead performance here as the young girl who is so confused in life and doesn’t know what she wants, proceeds to make life better for her. The huge problem with the film I had was the casting of Elizabeth Banks as the crazy nurse. Not only can you not take her seriously, but many of the times you feel like the lines she delivers are horrible, and very contrived.

I think the film’s rating since it is PG-13 ruined this film. One reason because I felt like the film could have been a lot more bloody and gory compared to its predecessor, and instead just stays within the boundries of safe and easy PG-13 territory.

Consensus: The Uninvited actually has some nice twists and turns to keep you interested and a nice lead performance, but is brought down by its contrived PG-13 rating, and the jumps and scares that end up plaguing the film.


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