The Craft (1996)

God what a bunch of bitches, not witches.

Robin Tunney stars in this supernatural thriller as Sarah Bailey, a Catholic school newcomer who falls in with a clique of teen witches(Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, and Skeet Ulrich) who wield their powers against all who dare to cross them — be they teachers, rivals or meddlesome parents.

So basically this is a movie that shows a group of weirdo outsider chicks that deal with witchcraft and start messing with each other. Yeah, basically the whole plot right there.

All of the obvious and cliched ideas from every other high school film from the 90’s is here. The jock, weirdos, house parties, and of course the pretty girl. Sometimes I felt like I was just watching a really bad version of Clueless.

The film starts out a bit promising with some good dark comedy, but then transcends into some terrible writing and directing from Andrew Fleming. The movie has a lot of cheap and stale lines that make no sense and at times are just way too stupid to comprehend. The story by the end of the last act can’t even think of anything else to do so they just add in utterly stupid special effects. The scenes where their all chanting were actually kind of depressing because they were unhappy girls doing bad things, nothing fun there at all, and add on the horrible special effects just downright excruciating at times.

The only good thing in this film would have to be the performance from Fairuza Balk who is actually very creepy as the main witch person girl, or whatever you want to call her. She has plenty of scenes where she’s chanting and she just is very creepy and very believable as this demented chick. The other actresses aren’t really given anything else to work with other than state-of-the-art usual stereotypes that all these bad high-school films have.

Consensus: The Craft has an fresh performance from Balk, but the film can’t keep up with her due to the horrible amount of special effects, lackluster story, and no fun whatsoever with its writing.


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