11:14 (2003)

The same old techinique that gets better every time.

Even though they’re strangers, Buzzy (Academy Award winner Hilary Swank), Mark (Colin Hanks), Cheri (Rachel Leigh Cook), Jack (Henry Thomas) and Eddie (Ben Foster) will become part of each other’s lives — even if it kills them — in this innovative drama composed of five seemingly random story lines that intersect at precisely 11:14 p.m.

Though the technique of telling a non-linear story is as old as film itself, for the past few years it has been all the rage in the indie world with varying degrees of success.

Right from the beginning you will probably notice how unusual this film is. So many little things pop in and out that have no meaning whatsoever, but later on in the movie if you just wait you will notice there is a lot of explaining to these certain situations. The twists and turns keep it interesting enough to keep your eyes on the screen.

The film has some great writing that is a nice blending of dark comedy and thrilling dramatic aspects. I feel like sometimes the film tried too hard to be a dark comedy but didn’t quite hit the mark mostly because of the situation but overall a nice blend.

I felt too much like the film was a gimmick. Honestly, I couldn’t take the film as a serious piece of work cause there are moments when things just happen and doesn’t seem very believable. I thought having all these crazy events happen at exactly 11:14 just gave it a catchy title and really nothing else.

The acting is surprisingly effective from this small ensemble cast. Out of the whole cast I was mostly surprised by Swank who actually adds a lot of emotional depth to her character in one little scene. Swayze as usual woos me away with his great performance and makes me miss him even more.

Consensus: Though it has some non-serious plot holes, 11:14 benefits from an interesting story, witty writing, and enough twists and turns to keep your interest, even though it feels a bit too much like a gimmick.


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