A River Runs Through It (1992)

How exciting is fly-fishing after all?

Two fly-fishing brothers, straitlaced scholar Norman (Craig Sheffer) and trouble-finding gambler Paul (Brad Pitt), struggle to mollify their Presbyterian preacher father’s (Tom Skerritt) lofty moral — and fishing — standards. Director Robert Redford’s nostalgic meditation about the fierce bonds that unite and divide families is set in Montana in the early 1900s.

A River Runs Through It is one of those great books that is just so hard to make a film of. One reason because how can you make a film about how fly-fishing is the moral theme for this family over the decades.

But mostly for the effort I have to give the props to Redford as director, because mostly he makes this film have a lot of heart in places that you wouldn’t expect. He captures the heart and nature of the relationship that these two brothers have from childhood up to their adult years and it truly is something to see. The way he shoots the film is really beautiful and keeps you astonished by the images in this film.

The major problem I had with this film is that it was extremley slow and uninteresting at times. With a couple of exceptions, the film never really held my attention for a long period of time mostly cause nothing much really happens except for them talking and fly-fishing which after the 1 hour mark kind of gets annoying.

I liked the screenplay because it was written very poeticaly, but to say the least i kind of knew the whole time where it was going. I think by the end of the film it started to dive into areas that were abandoning its earlier themes, which were mostly all about being a  parent and raising a nice family.

The one better thing about this film is its performances from its two young leads. Sheffer and Pitt both seem like brothers that have grown old together and in every scene capture an essence of growing up and struggling with adulthood. Mostly, Pitt makes his charcater a lot more likable with his signature energy and makes his character the most watched.

Consensus: A River Runs Thrugh It is written and shot inteligently by Redford, but doesn’t have enough going on to fully keep your interest, but still a nice film.


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