Blue Streak (1999)

Martin Lawrence once again playing a cop, no literally.

Jewel thief Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence) returns to his hiding place after a jail stint — only to find that his booty is buried under a newly constructed Los Angeles police station. Logan poses as a cop to get the loot, but his rookie partner (Luke Wilson) could prove to be a huge liability.

The movie needless to say is a big blatant rip-off of the Eddie Murphy buddy cop action films of the 80’s like 48 Hours and Beverly Hills Cop, but to say the least isn’t a terrible rip-off. This movie really surprised me. I expected another unintellectual juvenile comedy. It wasn’t like that at all.

I understand that this genre is familiar but Director Les Mayfield puts a new spin on it with a lot of funny moments. The film not only reminded me a lot of those Eddie Murphy comedies, but also a lot about Lethal Weapon. Usually I don’t like it when random chases come into the fold but the film does have a good blend of its action and very funny comedy.

Now the one main reason to see this film is really all Martin Lawrence, who is just basically hilarious every scene. Basically this film gives him every chance to let out all the energy inside of him, because not only is he playing a fake cop, but also a person who still is a crook, and he does it real well, and provides all of the humor in the film.

The thing with this film is that it doesn’t feel legit. I feel like as the plot went along so did the film and although it isn’t as bad as you would imagine some points the film just seems made up. There are moments of genuine comedy in this film obviously, but then there are parts where the comedy totally misses, and misses quite badly too. Probably because the only funny one is Lawrence and when he isn’t delivering the lines its pretty lame.

Consensus: Blue Streak is a familiar movie with some spots that don’t hit the mark, but ultimately lets Martin Lawrence be Martin Lawrence with enough comedy and enough action to keep you satisfied.



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  1. I’ve always liked Blue Streak. Martin Lawrence had a lot of promise when this came out. Perhaps he hasn’t been able to get past the shadow of Will Smith and the Bad Boys films were more of a hindrance than anything else. He lost it with National Security though…one of the worst films I’ve ever seen.

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