Saving Silverman (2001)

Say what you will about this film, it is funny.

Trouble and laughs come in spades when clueless losers Wayne (Steve Zahn) and J.D. (Jack Black) conspire to prevent their best buddy, hapless sad-sack Darren (Jason Biggs), from marrying shrewish Judith (Amanda Peet). Wayne and J.D. will stop at nothing to “save” their friend, including setting him up with long-lost love — and soon-to-be nun — Sandy (Amanda Detmer).

Now I have seen this film about 10 times since I was in 5th grade, and I can’t lie this film hasn’t changed as much for me.

Yeah, the film does have its obvious plot holes. Like why after six months are these living with each other?, and why are things happening the way they are? The plot holes are there and I can see they did a lot of this stuff just to move the story on, but its not like I really cared. There are some weak spots where the jokes from when I was 11 got different for me as I got older, but I didn’t care as much since I still laugh.

The jokes in this movie are funny, and also wildly random, but random in a good way. I foudn the jokes added on a lot more comedy in a raunchier way than trying to be smart and going over their heads. And, believe it or not, when these guys talked, I felt like I knew who they were because many of my friends talk exactly like them, even me sometimes.

The cast is very funny and all are up for good sport. Biggs is his usual Woody Allen awkward dude, Zahn is great as usual with his hilarious physical comedy as well as great deliverance with his lines. But the best here is Jack Black who is funny once again as the lovable loser who we all love and know him for. R. Lee Ermy had me laughing almost every time he was on-screen, and Amanda Peet, ehhhh, she’s not that bad. Even when they brought out Neil Diamond I couldn’t stop laughing cause although he can’t act he is still a good sport doing a riff on his own character.

Consensus: Saving Silverman ha sits obvious dry spots and plot holes, but to me its still is funny as it was back in 5th grade, with clever jokes, and good comedic performances. Hey, we all have our own guilty pleasures.



  1. […] At the inner core of this film is really its performances. Ben Affleck gives one of his best dramatic performances, playing the kind of deauchy character were so used to seeing him as, but this time it works to his advantage, because we actually can sympathize with him when we need to. Samuel L. Jackson, is even better, playing this tragic character, that in every scene we can feel the anger, and rage within him, and when he snaps, oh we do know he means business. There are other notable supporters in this film such as Richard Jenkins, Sydney Pollack, William Hurt, and Toni Collette. But surprisingly the best of the supporters that has a very emotional and touching scene is Amanda Peet, who comes from out of nowhere and provides us with a true, and utterly brutal scene about love. Always still think her best is Saving Silverman. […]

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