What’s The Worst That Could Happen? (2001)

Basically a title that defines its self.

Wealthy Max Fairbanks (Danny DeVito) wakes one night to find Kevin Caffery (Martin Lawrence) robbing his house. Max swipes Kevin’s lucky ring and claims it as his own when he reports the crime. Afraid he can’t pull off another job without his lucky charm, the thief starts an escalating war with the billionaire to get it back.

Just once, I’d like to see a Donald Westlake novel adapted with half the wit of the original book. Instead, they just mine his rich storyline for cheap jokes and throw away the priceless characterizations, substituting them for dumb and dumber. Are these filmmakers all stupid, or do they assume we are?

The writing here is just drop dead terrible. Honestly, there is probably a funny joke every 30 minutes, and its not even that good. The film relies way too heavily on slapstcik, sex, and of course the rest of all, fart jokes. Yes, my friends there are actually of course fart jokes in this Martin Lawrence PG-13 comedy.

The film is directed so awkwardly with ideas that this film wants to do so they just put it out there. Like a model wanting to become a news journalist, Lawrence and John Leguizamo dressing up as Arabs, and cursing on live TV. The way this movie is paced, is the awkward part cause at times the film moves fast, then slows, and then slows again to a point of where I’m going to fall asleep.

The biggest problem with this film is that its characters really are nobody. DeVito in almost every role he is given, basically shines except for this one and is just a rich bastard that you really wouldn’t like to be around. Lawrence makes the biggest mistake of trying to be too funny when there is really nothing to work with, so he goes into these random bursts of dance and improvisation, and all of it just seems random. John Leguizamo and Bernie Mac actually bring out some laughs in this film by the end with their charisma but can’t stop this film from falling.

Consensus: Basically a title that sums it all up, with terrible writing, awkward pacing mostly from the poor direction, and characters that couldn’t be liked no matter how charming the performances were.


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