Broken Arrow (1996)

Well, lets just say that this wasn’t such a good pair.

When rogue stealth-fighter pilot Vic Deakins (John Travolta) deliberately drops off the radar while on maneuvers, the Air Force ends up with two stolen nuclear warheads — and Deakins’s co-pilot, Riley Hale (Christian Slater), is the military’s only hope for getting them back. Traversing the deserted canyons of Utah, Hale teams with park ranger Terry Carmichael (Samantha Mathis) to put Deakins back in his box. But can they pull it off?

Much of teh film actually starts out promising. There is enough fun, excitement, and cheesy lines to take up enough of my mind. However, the plot quickly degenerates into an “Indiana Jones” series of stunts and death defying escapes and near misses.

The film goes on way too long. I feel like the way the film turned out to be was just one long special effect after another. I mean the film is fun for a little while, but it just moves on to a point where its almost just every single action film that you have ever seen before, except a lot more explosions.

With a respectable premise, I expected a lot more of this movie. Either a real thriller or a Bond-like joy ride. But it’s neither. I’m usually willing to suspend disbelief and let a few inconsistencies go by, but this starts out bad and gets worse. Park ranger sees military plane crash, finds pilot, pulls gun on pilot. Yeah, right. Bad guys escape, military can only field one helicopter to chase. Sure. Sure dumb.

Travolta does try his hardest to place this sinister bad guy, but the thing is that it really doesn’t work, mostly cause he’s too much of a nice guy. I mean to see him have a lot of charm, which he does, is good, but to just call him a villain cause he does bad stuff to people, doesn’t make him anymore bad than you or me. Slater, ehhhh, I don’t know what he was doing here. I think he was just phoning the whole performance mostly because he just wanted the big paycheck, which sadly, he would get.

Consensus: Broken Arrow starts out with a promising premise, but soon delves into totally unrealistic material, much too long of a film with bad action sequences, and cheesy performances from Slater and Travolta.



  1. Nice Review although I haven’t seen the film since I was a kid and I kinda enjoyed it back then. I guess I’ll have to rewatch it and see if I like it.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for announcing what a piece of dogshit this movie actually is. I love Travolta but in some peoples minds he can do no wrong and I don’t understand it because he’s so responsible for so many bad movies getting green-lighted and this is a prime example of one of the worst films made of it’s decade.

    I know we all don’t write terrible reviews too often, but sometimes it’s a good idea, to at least put that information out there and hopefully sway the unsuspecting viewer of losing moments of their lives that can’t be retrieved.

  3. best john woo movie with travolta as well as face/off. travolta is the best villiain of all time.

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