The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988)

I was a disappointment to see no naked guns at all.

When the incredibly thick Officer Frank Drevin (Leslie Nielsen) seeks the ruthless killer of his partner (O.J. Simpson), he stumbles and pratfalls on a plot to off Queen Elizabeth. Priscilla Presley plays his equally dim love interest with the same hilarious dumb luck.

The film is from the same fellows who brought us the hilarious Airplane!, and Top Secret!, two of my favorites. And this time around is poking fun at the James Bond films.

I can’t really make a serious review of this movie, since basically the film itself is a joke. I mean the plot is a meaningless reason just to feature numerous amounts of slight gags, and and slapstick, and it all works.

The writing in this film is top-notched mostly because it never stops being funny. I mean there are slight gags that come at you, that you actually miss upon first view. Then you see it again and you notice its hilarious. I can say that you have to have a mind of a 5th grader to really laugh out loud at this material, but for the 89 minutes I felt completely like a 5th grader and I didn’t mind at all.

The only problem I had with this film was that it wasn’t as funny as the two other that I already mentioned. Top Secret! is probably one of my favorites from this crew, mostly because it always funny, every moment of the way. With this one the jokes are funny, but there are some dry spots where I think the comedy could have been a lot better.

Leslie Nielsen embodies this dead-pan character that is sometimes so stupid its hard to believe that he can actually get himself out of some of the situations that he does. He delivers the jokes as it was his actual real-self with all the jokes, and everything else to it.

Consensus: The Naked Gun isn’t as good as Airplane! or Top Secret!, but is still hilarious, with all of its chock full of gags and slapstick you can’t help but to laugh.


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