Leaves of Grass (2010)

Edward Norton finally returns, and has it been too long!

Edward Norton does double duty in this quirky tale about a respected Ivy League professor who’s lured back to Oklahoma to help his equally brilliant twin brother — who grows the world’s finest hydroponic marijuana — best a big-time pot pusher (Richard Dreyfuss).

I have wanted to see this film for a long time now mostly cause of the reason I love Norton. But in all honesty, that’s not the only reason to see this movie.

The film has a look right from the start of The Coen Brothers. It starts out very funny with little bits and wist of humor that work, but all of a sudden turn into some really dark material, also highly violent in ways too. The film was written and directed by Tim Blake Nelson, who co stars in the film as one of Brady’s friends, and writes this film as if he just took a class from the Coens, mostly due to both of his stages of writing (comedy, and drama) working both effectively.

Most of the praise for this film has to go out to Edward Norton who basically shows the main reason why he is put in films today. He is so good at playing these two brothers, and is especially great at playing the kooky one mostly cause he has never done anything like that ever before. He is given a real chance to shine, and takes advantage of it real well. Also, the little romance between him and Keri Russell is very interesting, because their chemistry is also something good to watch as well.

The only complaints I had was that I felt like their was too much stereotypes of these Southerners. I feel like the film could have been way smarter than just showing the southerners as the redneck, weed-smoking, beer drinking, fools that we always see in film. Also, the ending does feel a bit too contrived and could have been used way better, than trying to connect to its beginning, although it does seem to come a bit full circle.

Consensus: Leaves of Grass isn’t for everyone, with its surprising violence that comes into play, but features a great screenplay from Blake Nelson, and gives a wonderful dual performance from Norton.

9/10=Full Pricee!!!


  1. Finally! Someone loved this just as much as I did. This is easily the most underrated movie of 2010. Edward Norton picks his roles and I will watch anything with him. My one and only complaint is that the ending could have been done with greater effect. Excellent review.

    I recently found a good little movie with the return of Seann William Scott. Here is the review = http://moviereviewer96.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/review-goon/

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